About Us

Industry Overview

Each family unit devours various basic administrations like power, gas, water, landline, keeping money, cell phones, and so forth. Other than these, family units likewise require administrations with optional spending like DTH, travel, excitement, settlement/cash exchanges, budgetary administrations, and so on. India, the biggest majority rules system with more than 250 million family units, is seeing huge development in the administrations business. While new administrations are being presented, the buyer base of the as of now offered administrations is developing at an unfaltering pace. The way toward profiting and making installments for these administrations is frequently lumbering and tedious because of the absence of a viable and adequate administration conveyance channel. Bank Mitra's answer benefits from this huge need, which will keep on growing in perspective of the under-infiltration of the offered administrations, development of the administration division and increment in spending energy of the normal customer.

Our Solution

Bank Mitra's answer gives buyers a brisk and simple, single stop access to a wide cluster of administrations. Customers can buy or make installments for any quick moving buyer benefit, similar to Utilities, Travel, Cinema, DTH/Mobile Recharge, Banking and Financial administrations, and so forth in their neighborhood. Bank Mitra gives buyers this accommodation by making an establishment system of traditional mother and pop stores situated in the shopper's neighborhood. These franchisees are outfitted with a multi useful terminal, which is associated with the specialist co-ops' servers and executes exchanges consistently. Bank Mitra has authoritative concurrences with specialist co-ops and is approved to issue lawfully substantial reservations and receipts to buyers.